Avance Technologies Ltd. helps Companies of all sizes Harness the power of mobile to reach to their customers.

Mobile messaging has proven to be one of the most cost-effective means to interact with customers. A text message is always high impact and Avance Technologies can quickly deliver important information to virtually anywhere on the planet.

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Products / Services

Products / Services

Mobile Marketing Solution Suit

Mobile Marketing extends your marketing reach, get more mileage from your advertising money, and build stronger, more loyal relationships with consumers.

When consumers leave their homes, there are a few things they take with them like keys, wallet/purse, and cell phones. The fact is that mobile phone has become the most immediate and personal way to connect with consumers, no matter where they roam.

With the "always on, always with you" nature of mobile devices, mobile marketing is quickly becoming a 'must have' for enterprises seeking to interact with their audience - wherever they are.

Forrester Research has also shown that SMS is one of the most responsive marketing communications mediums, with 5 times better response rates than direct marketing.

Campaign Studio:

Campaign Studio makes powerful mobile marketing and interactive tools easy and affordable, regardless of the size of your campaign. Campaign Studio allows businesses to extend their advertising reach to the cell phone screen.  With Campaign Studio, business owners can create track able mobile marketing campaigns and measure the effectiveness of their traditional advertising.

Campaign Studio’s powerful, user-friendly interface handles the following types of campaigns with ease:


  • SMS -> For -> Info
    Provide instant info on your products and services, times and specials. Make an immediate impact on a user’s buying decision.

  • SMS -> For -> Content
    Send rich mobile content directly to your customer’s phone. Ringtones, pictures, video and interactive quizzes all are powered by Campaign Studio.

  • Contests and Games
    Drive meaningful brand interaction through Campaign Studio’s custom contests and promotions. Create buzz around a promotional event and gather valuable consumer information, too.

  • SMS -> To -> Win
    Run contests and promotions where you chose the odds and winners are selected automatically.

  • SMS -> To -> Vote
    Collect the opinions of your customers in real-time through interactive polling. Then display those opinions instantly as part of a live event or promotion.

  • Customized Appointment Reminders
    Automatically send reminders to clients about upcoming appointments and events

Benefits of Campaign Studio:

  • Reach wide, otherwise inaccessible, audiences.

  • Understand the needs of customers and citizens.

  • Eliminate delay in response time and allow for spontaneous campaigns.

  • Gather information, such as geographic location, product preferences, opinions and key demographics to enrich decision-making, product development and customer service.

  • Increase customer loyalty and brand recognition.

  • Track effectiveness and make strategic decisions instantly.

  • Increase audience share and engage users with content that is relevant to the user.

  • Drive sales.

  • Build advertising revenue, with validated and immediate audience.