Avance Technologies Ltd. helps Companies of all sizes Harness the power of mobile to reach to their customers.

Mobile messaging has proven to be one of the most cost-effective means to interact with customers. A text message is always high impact and Avance Technologies can quickly deliver important information to virtually anywhere on the planet.

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Products / Services

Products / Services

Ad Insertion Program

Avance Technologies now offers an integrated solution that will allow Content Providers, Marketers, Brands, and Carriers to monetize their existing SMS programs so your mobile messaging campaign can become a profit center rather than a marketing expense.

Avance creates an ad marketplace where ad buyers and agencies include their Ad inventory into your mobile campaign where your customers will see their advertisement. Through a media buy, the advertisers that participate in this program are referred to as “Inventory” and are published with a CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) rate, which is paid directly to you. The more relevant the match between you and the advertiser’s message, as well as the higher the number of customers that interact with your mobile campaign, the more you are compensated.

Publishers can segment their inventory based on geographic and demographic data, as well as confirm or reserve the right to deny media buys of its inventory. Once a media buy is confirmed, an ad is selected based on the inventory id and appended to the bottom of your SMS message. Ads can be of variable length based on the advertiser’s requirement.